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We’re glad you’re here! We improve humans through movement and provide functional strength, conditioning, and mobility in a private or semi-private environment.


The quality of your movement plays a major role in the quality of your life.  Utilizing 3 dimensional movement education, a positive energetic training environment, and a supportive fitness community, Sphere Fitness’ goal is to help you to create a better version of you.

We provide private or semi-private personal training, pre/post rehabilitative exercise, and athletic performance training.

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We understand

  • that every person is different physically, mentally, and spiritually. Therefore, training programs cannot be one size fits all.

  • that training as hard as possible day in and day out is an unsustainable endeavor that will, generally, lead to burnout, injury, or both.

  • that the geriatric population is one of the most under-served populations when it comes to physical fitness.

  • that the benefits of physical fitness do not solely apply to the physiological function of the body, but also apply to the biological and psychological functions as well.

  • people who have musculoskeletal dysfunction that results in pain leaving them at a loss for how to train.

  • people who are interested in feeling and functioning better in their everyday life. More energy, less stress, improved confidence.

  • athletes who want to get back on the field.

  • those seasoned with life who are worried about injury or what exercises would be best for their goals.

  • retired professionals who are still very athletic and active in physically challenging events.

Let’s talk about your goals.

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